Team Philippines: Street Child World Cup

Team Philippines is back!

Watch out and support Team Philippines as we prepare to participate in the 2022 Street Child World Cup in Qatar!

Team Philippines for the Street Child World Cup inspires people to see what is possible when we care for the most disadvantaged among us.

When we show we care, everybody wins.

The Street Child World Cup is a global campaign for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children are entitled to. Ahead of each FIFA World Cup, we unite street children from across five continents to play football and join us in a unique international conference. Together through football, art and campaigning we aim to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children around the world.

This year, through the toughest of times, Team Philippines is back to accept the challenge to play and represent the country in the upcoming 2022 Street Child World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

Sa gitna ng tunay na mapanghamong panahon, tinatanggap namin ang hamon.

Check out the trailer for Team Philippines journey to 2022 Street Child World Cup below:

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Look back on their journey as Team Philippines in their stints in the 2014 and 2018 SCWC Tournaments.

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Team Philippines 2022 is Managed by:

Fairplay For All Foundation

Coaching Girls Team:

Payatas FC

Coaching Boys Team:

Tondo FC